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Five steps to create effective boundaries and make them STICK

Boundaries are critical for our wellbeing. They are a method to protect us from unhappiness, stress, resentment, guilt and a whole host of other negatives emotions.

Strong boundaries allow us to rest, recharge and avoid burnout. But they aren't always easy to put in place, let alone keep them there.

Follow these five steps so you can confidently implement boundaries and make them stick.

1. Get specific about where you need a boundary

What specifically happens in your day that makes you feel stressed, anxious, frustrated, sad? What is it that triggers this feeling? This is where you need a boundary. For example, “when I receive emails from clients after 6pm I feel anxiety that I need to respond immediately ”.

Thinking generically does not hit the crux of our challenge and so the boundary we try to put in place doesn’t have the impact we want and it quickly falls by the wayside.

2. Make the boundary about YOU
3. Understand why you want that boundary
4. Build your resilience to handle other people’s response to you setting your boundary
5. Acknowledge and record where you adhere to your own boundary


If you need support in implementing boundaries, or with other approaches to ensure you can have all the success you deserve and are capable of without sacrificing who you are or your wellbeing in the process, I am here for you. Book a free exploration call today.

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