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My Coaching Offerings

Career Fulfilment Coaching
Portrait at Work
Career Fulfilment Coaching

Work with me and together we will:

  • Gain clarity on what fires you up.

  • Explore whether a career change, role revamp or current role optimisation is the right approach for you.

  • Evaluate whats matters to you in your work-life and what you want your work to facilitate in your personal life.

  • Acknowledge the individual power attributes you possess, wish to develop and want to be utilising in your career in order to feel fulfilled.

  • Create unstoppable confidence in your ability to live in that role that lights you up and truly flourish there.

  • Define a tangible path to obtaining what you want from your career.

You can have the fulfilling career you love and deserve

Fulfilment and happiness are not states of being, they are states of action. 

Power Up Coachng
Reach the Top
Power Up Coaching

Work with me and you will:​

  • Define what 'success' at the next level uniquely means for you, courageously breaking past old and societal paradigms and adopting your own personal vision.

  • Get clarity on your values and how you want to operate.

  • Create guiding principles for realising success in a way that feels good to you.

  • Identify actionable ways to breakdown barriers in your path.

  • Define a clear roadmap to operate at your full potential and achieve your unique success vision.

  • Go out and execute the roadmap with confidence, with support and accountability to keep you on track.

You will harness your power, up your game and have your BEST year yet

Harness your power to level up and have your best year yet 

Burnout Prevetion ad Recovey
Burnout Coaching

Burnout does not have to be the end of the success that you have worked so hard to build. You have the power to stop the negative impact of burnout in its tracks.

In the thick of it, it can feel debilitating, impossible to prevent or come back from. But together we can change that. We'll:

  • Explore internal narratives that make you susceptible to burnout.

  • Identify your critical non-negotiables, including wellbeing strategies and personal values, to be prioritised around work.

  • Create the confidence to operate within heathy, guilt-free boundaries, that won't destroy the career and reputation you have worked so hard to build.

  • Build strategies to help you mentally disconnect from work, so you have the energy and ability to be fully present in other areas of your life.

  • Develop a tailored plan for you to create success safely,  gaining control over work so it no longer controls you. 

It doesn't have to be work OR life & your wellbeing. You can find that illusive balance. 

Change burnout from a wipeout to a stepping stone for creating greater, safe success.

Burnout is your body and soul forcing you to pay attention to them. Healing from burnout involves uncovering and inhabiting your own innate equilibrium

Parental Coaching
Baby's Grasp
Parental Coaching

I partner with mothers and fathers, before, during and after parental leave to: 

  • Identify which elements of their career are critical to hold on to/prioritise upon return to work.

  • Explore the impact parenthood has had on their corporate/working identity

  • Draw out new skills developed in parenthood that can aid their future professional success.

  • Re-evaluate their vision for life and career fulfilment after the major life shift of parenthood.

  • Build confidence around return to work conversations, enabling partners to assert their needs and aspirations comfortably. 

  • Approach the return to work with energy and excitement.

  • Navigate the return with support in their corner.

You can be the impactful role model, to your colleagues and children, of successful professional and parent

Being a mother made me a better professional... and being a professional made me a better mother

The Investment

What is a better investment than investing in YOURSELF?

I am a strong believer in transparency; coaching does require three key investments on your part to realise its true benefits. But my GOSH will the results be worth it if you are willing and able! Coaching has the potential to be the best investment you can make for your long term wellbeing, success and happiness. 

Designer's World

Emotional Headspace & Willpower

If you...

  • are willing to make change in your life;

  • have the drive to delve into your current operating systems and consider how these might be impacting your present day lifestyle; and

  • are open minded to new ways of thinking and application of different strategies

... then you have the emotional headspace and willpower to really benefit from coaching. 

Clock and Plant_edited.jpg


I understand that in our busy lives carving out time can feel like the hardest part of the investment in yourself. That is why I offer flexibility within my programmes, through tailored packages that fit around YOU.


We will discuss frequency of scheduling and best timings for you in our FREE exploration call​​.

Payment Method


I appreciate a financial investment is not insignificant, particularly in current times, which is why I offer the FREE exploration call to everyone BEFORE you make any financial commitment. This is to ensure that coaching is the right solution for you, and is so whether I am the right coach. 

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