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Ready to harness your power, take your game to the next level and explore what a more fulfilled you looks like?
Ready to prevent or recover from burnout, and go on to have a thriving and fulfilling career?
Take the courageous first step and book a connection call now
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Free Connection Call

Ready to re-evaluate your vision for life and career fulfilment and explore all the new skills you have developed through the major life shift of parenthood?
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Let’s start the journey

Before you commit to a coaching relationship, I offer a free connection call. This is an introduction to coaching and each other.

The purpose of the call is to... 

Explore your current pain points

We will delve into the areas of your life and/or career that are driving you to feel unfulfilled or burnt out and what might be the possible consequences of not making positive step change.

Holding Hands
Explore coaching compatibility

Based on your pain points, together we'll establish whether I am the right coach for you. If so, we will go through what you can expect when working with me and consider the coaching plan that is best suited to your needs and goals.

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Enable tangible and actionable results 

We will explore elements of your life and/or career where you desire change and cover action steps you can take right away to start making positive change.

This is the first step to a happier you!

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